Crazy scene haircolour tutorial!

Decided to re-colour my hair now since it really have washed out quite a bit since I last coloured it. This is how I did it;

This is how my hair looked before;

Not so hot, right? :P

First I sectioned my hair, the part I was going to colour.

This is what I used, a turqoise colour and one pink, both from stargazer, a newspaper to blend the colour and a regular paintbrush.

Then I sectioned my hair as I was going to colour it. From left to right on the picture it was gonna be purple, turqoise, purple and pink. As you see the dark turqoise shine through a bit more then I wanted. To prevent this this time I decided to use a different colour on both side of it (since my blonde hair sucked the turqoise up really easily) and..

I also used a conditoiner on the hair that I didnt want any colour on so it wouldnt stick as easily. I used this product;

You see on the picture that i ”rolled” the sections to seperate them, but I also used this product so it wouldnt roll up right away.

I started with the pink colour..

Then I mixed the turqoise and pink to get the shade of purple I wanted.

The turqouse is really overwhelming so just use a bit!

As you see the secon part I was gonna colour purple was kinda greenish.. Was afraid that was gonna glow through, but for me it wasnt any problem!

Purple on that, and for the last colour I put on the turqoise.

And after I waited for it to work, I rinsed it trough and some styling and after i put on my extentions;

Awesome! So happy with it!

//  3milie –  That’s me!

Green’s the stuff!

Some outfitpics, think Im in a green mode.

My hair some days ago, the colour have really faded. Planning to re-colour it today, and maybe colour it like I have now, but more. Like green-purple-pink-purple-green in the bangs. Hard to explain, but you’ll see!

These next pics are from yesterday. Spent 1,5 hour doing my makeup and the camera doesnt work!!! It was fucking perfect.. And the only pictures I have is some sucky phonepictures.. Sadface!

Yesterday was a sort of sleeping the whole day-day, but even though I only slept 2 hours tonight Im gonna try and stay awake and help micke with the rebuilding of my computer.

And have to go by the post office and grab my package from australia! Now everything I ordered have arrived except my hairextentions… WANT!

Now Im gonna pay me some bills.

// 3milieGreen and black is beautiful.